Music, Meaning, and Muscle

Click here to receive my FREE 40-page weight training routine. I chose to provide this information because a healthy body makes a healthy mind. And, there is an especially strong physical and cardiovascular component to being a wind player. If musicians want to admit this or not: music requires athleticism. A musician that is in good physical conditioning may have the potential to perform longer and more aggressively with a fuller and more consistent sound. Read more…

A Free Transcribed Hot Lick

On my Facebook and Instagram pages, I have played over 100 Hot Licks on many different instruments. Now, I am offering the first 25 of these Hot Licks as downloadable transcriptions, and want to give the first lick to you…for FREE!! Just click here to receive one of my FREE hot licks. Want to purchase the first 25 licks? Click on this form to ask me how!